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The epic story takes place in the fictional world of Tohtem, where philosophers and the government try to unlock the secrets behind the Necrohol of Mirriam (aka x-labyrinth) and atempt to yield valuable research out of the Millenium Crystal that contains an over-massive power that has potential to completely over-write the whole future of Tohtem. Who-so-ever gets ahold of the crystal could choose to be eitther a near godly ruler or can choose to send the whole world to oblivion and oblitarate it.. But A mysterious soldier by the name of Ra'mient (who's identity is in complelete shadows in order to complete her goal) has begun her own journey to obtain the missing Grimmore shard that could be a key to the x-labyrinth. Because her goal is unknown, the government relocated her in an academy to watch her every step ; because they know she will be the key to their ambition. Soon she forms a guild together with others in search of the Grimmore shard, the key to x-labyrinth! Warning: there will be a lot of gory scene and bad languages ( viewer discretion is advises )

Comics - Mini strip:The Cake's a Victim

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Creator's Comments:

xlabyrinth, April 9th, 2012, 9:47 pm (Reply)
Cakes are supposedly lies,not victims - But people use cake for different purposes. >w<

Ra'mient wants to make a mess by destroying it~
Pandora wants to eat the cake and go attack mode on people who approach~
Vernados wants to use it to poison someone~

Now I wonder who's idea is best? XD Advertisement, July 21st, 2018, 10:04 pm (Reply)

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